The Julia West House helps make downtown Portland a better place for all residents, businesses, and visitors. We work with more than 50 agencies and more than 150 job counselors and case managers.

We help people get back to work. We see guests move beyond the past, find purpose for today, and gain hope for tomorrow. Although our mission remains constant, we modify our focus, programs, and methods to meet changing realities and community needs. We base our changes on what our guests tell us is most important for them to become self-sufficient and move ahead: respect, encouragement, and accountability.

We have three programs, the ABCs of Julia West House:
Adult Learning & Literacy
Creative Community Connections

All three programs are delivered in individual, one-on-one sessions.

We need your support as an investment in the future of our community, in the livability of our city, and most importantly, in the lives of our guests. Your support will help save lives, reunite families, and restore that most precious resource, the human spirit. Call to learn how you can donate or volunteer to help support the Julia West House!

Address: 522 SW 13th Ave

City: Portland

State: Oregon


Phone: 503-916-4009





Services: Clothing, Education, Men, Career,