Located at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, the Nightwatch Hospitality Center is a sanctuary for the lonely, mentally ill, homeless and impoverished in downtown Portland.

On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m., it is open as a place where guests may drop in and socialize, play games, and develop friendships. On occasion, we’ll encourage interaction with Open Mic nights, chess or Scrabble tournaments, group games of Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud, or singing karaoke.

Registered nurses are on duty each evening we are open to provide foot care and attend to basic health needs our guests may present. A mental health specialist is also on duty nightly.

In addition to its regular drop-in hours, we also host "Nightwatch Tuesdays" out of the recognition that just because someone may be with shelter, that doesn't make him/her any less curious about the world. On Nightwatch Tuesdays we present something of educational value, such as a documentary, a concert, or a series of TED talks.

The Downtown Hospitality Center is simply a safe, warm place where our guests can go when nothing else is open, and know they will find a welcoming, respectful environment. We’ve come to consider it a place where those who otherwise have no place to go may find--at least for a few hours a few evenings a week--a place to feel "at home."

Address: 1432 SW 13th Ave

City: Portland

State: Oregon


Phone: 503-220-0438





Services: Clothing, Food, Medical, Education, Health,